DUI? Points on your license? We can help!

    When your drivers license has been revoked due to an OWI conviction you must wait one to five years for reinstatement. The process is complicated and often met with unfavorable rulings. Tomak and Podolsky, PLLC, have guided many clients through the process, from preparing for the initial Administrative Review or License Appeal Hearing to the Circuit Court Appeal after an unfavorable hearing result. We take the time to understand your case and your issues, and then work hard to represent you at every step of the process.

    Our Attorneys will assist you with:

    • Initial Applications for your Administrative Review or License Appeal Hearing
    • Appeals to the Circuit Court
    • Hardship Appeals

    OWI (Drunk and Drugged Driving) Defense & License Restoration

    Facing a criminal charge for drinking and driving can be overwhelming. For many people, it is their first encounter with law enforcement and the criminal justice system. Having an experienced and trusted attorney at your side is critical to guide you through this process at each step. Tomak and Podolsky have worked with the courts and law enforcement on these matters for years and will ensure that your rights are protected. Sometimes license restoration is required, we can handle that too!

    Recent laws enacted by the Michigan Legislature state that anyone arrested for a third offense drunk driving will be charged with a Felony – regardless of the amount of time that has passed between prior offenses.  With so much at stake, it is essential to have competent representation at your side.

    Call our office today to schedule a consultation. We understand your rights and fight to protect them.